Lower East Side ‘Activist Estates’: A Tale of Three Buildings

From www.thevillager.net – The cover of Nandini Bagchee’s new book at looking at three buildings that were focal points of activism and counterculture in the East Village and Lower East Side

It gives a sense of passing time to see much of your life reflected in a work of recent history.

This I experienced while reading “Counter Institution: Activist Estates of the Lower East Side,” by Nandini Bagchee, new from Empire State Editions.

In her review of  oppositional spaces in the neighborhood over the past generations, architect and CCNY history professor Bagchee focuses on three buildings: the “Peace Pentagon” on Lafayette St., CHARAS community center on E. Ninth St., and ABC NO RIO artists collective on Rivington St. All these counter-institutions have impacted the lives of us longtime denizens of the alternative Lower East Side.

Click Here to read the full review on www.thevillager.net

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